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Firm History

The New Haven law firm of Mulvey, Oliver, Gould & Crotta and its predecessors was begun over 70 years ago, with a concentration in insurance defense work. It was founded by John C. Flanagan in 1949. Subsequently, in the 1960’s Peter C. Dorsey and Robert C. Flanagan joined and the firm became known as Flanagan Dorsey & Flanagan. It continued as Flanagan & Flanagan from 1974 to 1977 while Peter Dorsey served as United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. It resumed its name in 1977 when Mr. Dorsey rejoined the firm upon conclusion of his federal service. Kenneth J. Mulvey, Jr., joined in 1975.

In 1980 John Flanagan was appointed a judge of the Superior Court, where he still continues to serve. Thereafter, the firm was known as Flanagan Dorsey & Mulvey until the start of 1981 when Robert G. Oliver and Carolyn P. Gould joined. The firm then assumed the name Flanagan Dorsey Mulvey & Oliver. The partners were Peter C. Dorsey, Robert C. Flanagan, Kenneth J. Mulvey, Jr., and Robert G. Oliver. 

In 1983 Peter C. Dorsey withdrew from the firm upon becoming a U.S. District Judge for Connecticut. The firm continued under the name of Flanagan, Mulvey & Oliver until 1988 when Robert C. Flanagan withdrew to become a Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, a position from which he has since retired.

In 1985 Carolyn P. Gould became a partner and the firm was re-named Mulvey, Oliver & Gould. Mrs. Gould conducted her practice largely in the field of Estates, Trusts, Wills and Probate.

In 1994 Barbara N. Bellis, who had joined the firm in 1986, became a partner. She practiced until 2003 when she was appointed a Judge of Superior Court and withdrew from the firm. Judge Bellis continues to serve as a Superior Court Judge.

In 1993 David J. Crotta, Jr., joined the firm. In 1997 he became a partner. The firm assumed its present name in 2002. Mrs. Gould served in of counsel status from 2003 through the end of 2008, when she retired. Kenneth Mulvey died in July 2011. Robert G. Oliver retired in June 2022.

The present partners are David J. Crotta, Jr., James M. Hyland, Francis J. Drumm, III and Maureen E. Burns. Mr. Hyland joined the firm in 1994 and became a partner in 2002. Mr. Drumm joined in 2001 and became a partner in 2013. Ms. Burns joined the firm in 2019. Through the years the firm has continued its core focus on insurance related matters, and trial and appeals in State and Federal Courts. In addition, the firm provides professional services in the area of wills, estates, trusts and probate.